To support the principles and tenants of the Constitution by identifying and supporting candidates for public office that believe & embody the four most important words of the Declaration of Independence – Consent of the Governed

Americanism is still the best hope for Humanity

The American idea is a system of values which has uplifted more people than any other system.

The three primary core values of America are “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “E Pluribus Unum.”

“E Pluribus Unum” is the American governing value or motto ‘from many, one’ which is the ability to assimilate people from every ethnic, national, religious, and racial background.

“In God We Trust” is the American governing value given from God whom gave us the ten commandments which is the source of values for the unalienable, individual natural rights which can’t be taken away.

“Liberty” is the third American governing value from which we are free to use our talents and other resources to pursue our own form of happiness and success without envying the success of others. These values are the best ever devised to govern a society.

The purpose of our government to secure the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which is not the result of government.  Today it is positivism and relativism, so characteristic of our self-proclaimed liberals, which lead to the notion that “man makes himself,” and sees no purpose outside the will of man which ought to inform the government of man.

From positivism and relativism come the opinion that whatever a sufficient mass can be persuaded to desire, it is right for them to desire.  And if ends can be freely chosen, so can means.

From this, it follows that morality should be governed by opinion, not opinion by morality.  Lincoln has said clearly that a just government must be controlled by moral purpose, and that no counting of heads can turn wrong into right.

It is the pursuit of these ideals that has made this country the greatest beacon of hope ever known, save God himself.  These ideals are close to perfect even if our pursuit of these ideals has fallen short.

We must never surrender to those who would tear us apart because we have failed to achieve the lofty ideas set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  We must always strive to achieve these goals as they define the highest aspirations of man.

Join us as we seek to identify and support those who would seek to achieve these lofty pursuits.  As President Reagan said so well, “America is the last best hope of mankind.”